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We empower everyone, with a special focus on children, through the provision of eyewear solutions without regard to citizenship. We engage in all forms of disaster relief, promote eye health education in communities and schools, foster collaboration to boost awareness, offer protective eyewear, and conduct vision screenings, fueled by our unwavering commitment to global outreach.

Our vision is a world where every individual, with a special emphasis on children, receives top-notch eyecare, regardless of their circumstances. We stand as unwavering support for displaced individuals in all disaster scenarios. We are at the forefront of the movement to enhance eye health education, ensuring that communities are not only aware but also have access to the resources required for optimal vision. We unite with professionals and organizations in a collaborative effort for comprehensive global eye health advocacy.

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Where It All Began

Where It All Began: "In response to the growing demand for quality, affordability, and convenience in eyewear, the optical industry yearned for transformation. With a heartfelt commitment to offering her clients a seamless eyecare solution, Sandra Ivette Miranda initiated the journey of Eyecare on the Go. 

Sandra's passionate dedication spans more than three decades in Florida's optical industry. As a licensed optician, a term commonly known as an 'optical pharmacist,' she is an expert skilled in the world of optics, ocular complexities, and the fusion of eyewear fashion. Sandra's mission is clear: to craft precision-made, custom-fitted eyewear that imparts the priceless gift of vision clarity, unwavering confidence, with an exceptional style. Her motto is “Clear Vision, Brighter Life.” Slogan: “Improving Lives, One Pair of Eyes at a Time.”

Sandra Ivette Miranda

Sandra Ivette Miranda, a seasoned Florida licensed optician, embodies the fusion of compassion and innovation in eyecare. With over three decades of experience and armed with a B.S. in Business Administration from Hodges University, Miranda has dedicated her career to preserving sight and serving the underserved. 

As the former Florida Regional Leader for Onesight, she championed the cause to provide eyecare to disadvantaged communities, leaving an indelible mark on countless lives across the state. Miranda's altruism transcends borders, as evidenced by her involvement in international eye clinics in Mexico and Paraguay, where she facilitated the distribution of eyeglasses to rural populations.

Currently, Miranda continues her mission at the Judeo Christian Health Clinic's Eyeclinic, where she leverages her expertise to make eyecare accessible to all. In November 2021, she launched Eyecare On The Go, a groundbreaking venture that directly brings eyecare services to patients' doorsteps, revolutionizing traditional healthcare delivery models. With her resounding motto, "We bring eyecare to you," Miranda underscores her unwavering commitment to accessibility and compassion in healthcare.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Miranda finds fulfillment in nurturing future generations as an adjunct professor at Hillsborough Community College. Her fervent exploration of diverse cultures and traditions enriches her life and ignites a passion for discovery in others, reflecting her boundless dedication to improving lives, one pair of eyes at a time.

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