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We Care About You!

Eyes Care on The Go offers a variety of top-of-the-line eyewear and optical care, customized to your exact needs. With products ranging from lenses to frames, as well as OSHA-regulated safety glasses, Eyes Care on The Go will have you seeing clearly, safely, and fashionably. Eyes Care on The Go performs an initial consultation to pinpoint your unique eye care needs, while also repairing and adjusting any damaged glasses. Our mobile optician will then correctly craft their perfect eyewear, based on the new prescription, as well as troubleshoot any visual challenges the client may have.

As the need for quality, affordable, and convenient eyewear grew, the optical industry needed to make a change. Aspiring to provide her clients with an easy solution to their eye care needs, Sandra Miranda began Eyes Care on The Go. Sandra has been working in the optical industry for over 30 years and is a licensed optician and optical pharmacist. Incorporating both the science of optometry as well as its fashion and artistry, Sandra ensures her clients come out of their appointment seeing clearly and feeling great! With the understanding of clients' busy schedules, Eyes Care on The Go comes to them through a concierge approach, providing leisure and convenience. While working with individuals, Eyes Care on The Go also specializes in providing bulk eyewear to largely-staffed facilities requiring OSHA regulated safety equipment. The MobilEyes licensed optician meets with employees and gathers individual prescriptions, then proceeds to order and dispense their eyewear as needed. Customize...With Eyes Care on The Go.

Sandra Miranda.jpg

Sandra Ivette Miranda


  • AS Degree Opticianry Studies from Hillsborough Community College (HCC).

  • Florida Licensed Optician in 1986.

  • Board Certified Contact Lens Fitter in 2021.

  • BS Degree Business Administration from Hodges in 2005.

  • HCC Adjunct Professor for Opticianry Program 2020.

  • Florida Regional Leader for OneSight Non-Profit Organization (2009-2013).

  • Conference Speaker for Continue Education for Opticians (2004-2015).

  • (Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida).

  • Professional Opticians of Florida member since 2015.

  • Currently Toastmaster member.

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